Thunderbolt 5 specs accidentally leaked by Intel VP

Vyncent Chan
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Thunderbolt 5 specs accidentally leaked by Intel VP

Intel VP Gregory M Bryant has reportedly leaked out some specifications of Thunderbolt 5 in a tweet, before quickly removing it. But as usual, what goes online never truly disappears. David Schor from WikiChip spotted the image before it was removed, and shared it with Dr. Ian Cutress of AnandTech.

As you might know, Thunderbolt 4 doesn’t bring any extra raw bandwidth over Thunderbolt 3, but that might change with Thunderbolt 5. According to the slide that was spotted, Intel is working to bring 80Gbps speeds, while still supporting the existing USB-C ecosystem, which is great news. Whether it will make getting USB-C cables even more confusing remains to be seen, but let’s cross the bridge when we get there.

Intel Thunderbolt 5 leak slide

Intel Thunderbolt 5 leak slide

Another tidbit from the slide is that Thunderbolt 5 will harness novel PAM-3 modulation technology. PAM-3 modulation will transmit three bits per cycle, versus the two bits per cycle that Non-Return-to-Zero (NRZ) modulation offers in the existing solutions.

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