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WhatsApp Updates Polls And Caption Features

WhatsApp Updates Polls And Caption Features

by Low Boon ShenMay 5, 2023
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WhatsApp Updates Polls And Caption Features

Single-vote polls, image caption forwarding and document captions are the latest addition to the app.

WhatsApp Updates Polls And Caption Features

Today WhatsApp brings a small update to the app with minor enhancements on the poll and captioning feature. The app now allows users to set up a single-vote poll, and just like what it says: users can only vote once and will not be able to change answers after-the-fact. Simply turn off ‘allow multiple answers’ in the poll creation settings to enable this feature.

At the same time, users are now able to search for polls specifically, as WhatsApp has added a new ‘Polls’ filter in search. New votes on polls will now also send notifications to the poll creator in real-time.

WhatsApp Updates Polls And Caption Features 27

Meanwhile, text captions now finds it way into message forwarding feature – images with text captions can now be forwarded with the text attached. However, there’s more: aside from forwarding the original captions, user can now choose to either write their own captions, or just remove the caption when forwarding the image. Another addition is the document caption feature. Just like sending media, users can now write captions when sharing documents in chats.

The update should roll out in the coming weeks, per WhatsApp’s blog post.

Pokdepinion: Small update, but looks pretty useful.

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