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Digi Talks Through How 5G Will Innovate IoT And AI In Malaysia

Digi Talks Through How 5G Will Innovate IoT And AI In Malaysia

by Raja IdrisApril 18, 2019
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Digi took the time today to host a media briefing session on 5G, where they’ve invited Bjørn Taale Sandberg, the Research Group Head of Telenor Group (Scandinavian mobile operator).

Digi Talks Through How 5G Will Innovate IoT And AI In Malaysia 19

Telenor Group’s Research Head, Bjørn Taale Sandberg

At the event, Bjørn spoke on how 5G will innovate things around us and how we could see it implemented in our daily lives, with the potential in IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Industry 4.0. He was joined by Joachim Rajaram, Digi Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Kesavan Sivabalan, Digi’s Chief Technical Officer.

Though we might think that with 5G, it will offer us faster speeds and low latency for smartphones, it is indeed more than that. For instance, we can possibly use the new technology to alert hospitals of conditions of patients, even before they are admitted to hospitals. It will allow for new technologies that will transform applications and services.

Based on Bjørn’s experience, 5G implementation will be done in stages, starting from less populated areas and gradually making into cities. We can expect that 5G in Malaysia will start with pockets of 5G or 5G ‘islands’ where they will emerge beginning as pilots to test various functionalities and uses cases.

Digi Talks Through How 5G Will Innovate IoT And AI In Malaysia 20

5G in Malaysia

5G is estimated to come out as early as 2021/2022 onwards, as commercial offerings to start with. Though it’s exciting that 5G is on the way to Malaysia, we should expect 4G to still be the main solution for most users in terms of coverage. Eventually 5G will fully takes its place. When asked about what will happen to Digi’s service for older connections (2G and 3G), they stated that they’ve made no decisions yet but it’s expected that they will take them out as a natural evolution process. Despite that, the decision whether to do so will be based on the needs of the majority of customers, especially in rural areas.

Interestingly, Bjørn has said that in Norway, they’ve decided to keep 2G for several years and instead shut off 3G because 4G is good enough in terms of coverage.

Pokdepinion: It was really an interesting finding about 5G! I’d be surprised if they decide to close off support for 3G in Malaysia (once 5G kicks in), as LTE connection isn’t really wide in the country..

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