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The Samsung Galaxy S10’s intelligent cameras help you take better photos

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s intelligent cameras help you take better photos

by Vyncent ChanMarch 20, 2019
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{{CODEjstracking}}The Samsung Galaxy S10 is equipped with everything you need for a good shot. It has an ultra-wide angle camera if you want to take in more of your surroundings, a standard angle shooter with dual apertures which can automatically switch to take in more light and a telephoto camera if you want to get closer. Today, we will be focusing on how the Samsung Galaxy S10’s features can help you get a better image.

Enable HDR Mode or Go RAW

High dynamic range (HDR) mode, is probably one of the most important yet easiest modes to enable. Samsung devices are one of the first to allow you to enable the HDR processing to be applied automatically without having to fumble through settings every single time.

You can find it in the camera app’s settings under HDR (rich tone). You can either enable it to be used all the time, or just when the Samsung Galaxy S10 thinks that it would be better to apply HDR. If you want to take the reins, you can also save RAW files when you shoot in manual mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s intelligent cameras help you take better photos 32

RAW files contain more details which is removed when an image is compressed, allowing you to extract details from the shadows and highlights better via manual editing. It’s somewhat of a hassle, so why not just let the Samsung Galaxy S10 do the job? It does a great job anyway.

Straighten your Horizon

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s intelligent cameras help you take better photos 33

A beautiful landscape image can easily be destroyed by a tilted horizon. Yes you can crop and rotate after the fact, but you will losing out on details along the sides. A very easy way to deal with it is to enable the grid overlay. Simply align the lower horizontal line to the horizon and take your photo. Samsung’s Shot Suggestion can also help you find that optimal horizon line, just so that it’s easier to get a great shot.

Use Rules of Third… but not all the time

While it’s recommended to use the grid to help with composing a nice shot, you should not rely on it for composing alone. It’s a good guideline but it should not define every photo you take. For a nice change of pace and yet still be able to take a good photo easily, you can make use of Shot Suggestion.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 can help you compose a great shot with the help of the AI capabilities powering the intelligent camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Morning, Noon or Night?

Different time of day can give you very different effects. The warmth of the light and the direction of the light is also different. That’s what makes nature and landscape photography interesting. The illumination and shadow can add a whole different whole dimension to your image. And the best part is that with Samsung’s Scene Optimizer, you can easily take advantage of any natural lighting, or even when light is low.

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s intelligent cameras help you take better photos 34

In low light, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will automatically fire up its Night Scene mode which allows it to combine up to 17 exposures into one final image. With the fast f/1.5 aperture, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is already optimized to capture more light than most other smartphones on the market, but with Night Scene mode, it further optimizes its capabilities under light. Samsung even throws in some sunstars just for that extra bit of flair to your shot.

Be Aware of the Sun

The sun is a great source of natural light, and as mentioned earlier, it can give your image a certain “feel” depending on the time of day. However it can also ruin your shot if you are unaware of its position. Having the sun strike the lens at the wrong angle can sap away the saturation of your image, while also adding undesirable lens flare. If the sun is behind your subject, the Samsung Galaxy S10 can deal with it with HDR, but it would still be suboptimal as to having the sun illuminate your subject properly for a better shot.

Give your Image Scale

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s intelligent cameras help you take better photos 35

Try playing around with angles to give your image a different perspective. Do you want to take in everything in the surrounding, or do you want to just focus on a single object? The Samsung Galaxy S10 gives you three cameras with three different focal lengths, so you can play around with that. By playing around with the perspective, you can make the object in the foreground appear larger than life. Or, smaller, if you prefer. There’s also Live Focus if you want to emphasize the subject’s distance, giving your image depth.

Above are some of the images taken when we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S10. I hope these tips has been helpful for you, and if they are, do stay tuned for more tips on how to take advantage of your Samsung Galaxy S10!

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