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Perodua Unveils Myvi EV Prototype “EMO-i” – A New Era of Malaysian Electrification

Perodua Unveils Myvi EV Prototype “EMO-i” – A New Era of Malaysian Electrification

by Aiman MaulanaMay 22, 2024
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Perodua has taken a significant step into the EV market by unveiling its first working Myvi EV prototype, the EMO-i. This groundbreaking project sets the stage for Perodua’s future in electrification, highlighting its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Perodua Unveils Myvi EV Prototype “EMO-i”

Perodua Unveils Myvi EV Prototype "EMO-i" - A New Era of Malaysian Electrification

The EMO-i Myvi EV prototype comprises three main components: the power bench, the power converter, and the overall styling and design. While the power conversion technology was developed in collaboration with an Australian company, the rest of the EV prototype was proudly made in Malaysia. This initiative underscores Perodua’s dedication to fostering local expertise and resources.

Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad, President and Chief Executive Officer of Perodua, emphasized the importance of this project: “The power bench development is done by us (Perodua) in partnership with three local universities – Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Universiti Kuala Lumpur, and Universiti Putra Malaysia. This collaboration is crucial for us to fully understand this technology and make it our own.”

The partnership with these universities began in September 2022, focusing on developing an EV powertrain from the ground up. This collaboration not only advances Perodua’s capabilities in the EV field but also enhances the expertise of the participating universities.

Perodua Unveils Myvi EV Prototype EMO-i

Perodua selected the Myvi as the model for this prototype due to its widespread popularity and significance among Malaysians. “We chose the Perodua Myvi as the model of choice for this project as it is a model that has captured the imagination and attention of most Malaysians,” Dato’ Sri Zainal explained. While the final Perodua EV will differ from the prototype on display, the EMO-i serves as a tangible step towards Perodua’s future in electric mobility.

Dato’ Sri Zainal extended an invitation to all Malaysians to visit Perodua’s booth at the Malaysia Auto Show 2024. Visitors can view the EMO-i prototype and participate in various campaigns. Additionally, Perodua representatives will be available to discuss the latest developments, including the Perodua New Outlet Standards, an initiative aimed at enhancing customer experiences at their 3S centers.

“We encourage Malaysians to come to our booth at the Malaysia Auto Show 2024 to view the Perodua EMO-i for yourself and to take part in our many campaigns. We will also welcome everyone to interact with our people here to find out our latest developments,” Dato’ Sri Zainal said.

Perodua’s unveiling of this Myvi EV prototype marks a significant milestone in Malaysia’s journey towards electrification. By leveraging local talent and resources, Perodua is not only advancing its technological capabilities but also reinforcing its commitment to a sustainable and innovative future.


Pokdepinion: As much as I prefer the Ativa, it makes more sense for it to be a Myvi EV as their first. It’s their most iconic car and it’s a great way to maximize impact.

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