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Acer Introduces 4 Chromebook Models For Education Markets

Acer Introduces 4 Chromebook Models For Education Markets

by Low Boon ShenJanuary 31, 2023
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Acer Introduces 4 Chromebook Models For Education Markets

The company’s sustainability-focused Vero series now enters the education laptop segment.

Acer Introduces 4 Chromebook Models For Education Markets

Chromebook Vero 712. Image: Acer

Acer today reveals four new Chromebooks intended for educational institutions, including Chromebook Vero – with sustainability as part of its design. Among these models, two are in traditional clamshell form factor, while the other two are convertible Chromebook Spin series laptops. All four models meet the MIL-STD 810H durability standards with protections against knocks, drops, liquid spills and more.

On the subject of durability, the models all come with reinforced corner designs with shock-absorbing bumpers allowing drops up to 122cm and withstanding up to 60kg load. Internal display structure has been elongated and widened for improved resiliency against mishandling of the device, with metal-plated I/O for additional port reinforcement against frequent plug intrusions. Spill-resistant keyboard sustains up to 330ml of water spills; moisture-resistant OceanGlass touchpad, recycled from ocean-bound plastics, improve touch feeling with smooth surface.

Acer Introduces 4 Chromebook Models For Education Markets 27

Serviceability has also been improved, with two-screw access to the entire keyboard assembly allowing easy replacement – the keys themselves are designed to be mechanically anchored to prevent students from pulling them off the keyboard. All four models are certified with ASTM and UL/IEC toy safety standards which allows for children use.

The Acer Chromebook Vero 712 features a recycled chassis with sustainable packaging and power-efficient design, with a 12-inch 3:2 HD+ display providing more vertical space for text reading. The processor is courtesy of Intel’s 12th Gen Core i3, though so far no detailed specs has been published. As the Vero model, it features 30% PCR (Post-consumer recycled) plastic in the chassis and 50% in the keycaps; with packaging entirely produced from recycled paper pulp.

Acer Introduces 4 Chromebook Models For Education Markets 28

Chromebook Spin 512. Image: Acer

Acer Introduces 4 Chromebook Models For Education Markets 29

Chromebook Spin 511. Image: Acer

The other three Chromebook models meanwhile, receives updated designs. The Chromebook Spin 512 (12-inch) and Chromebook Spin 511 (11.6-inch), alongside Chromebook 511, are all powered by the latest Intel Processor N-series (N100 and N200), with optional 4G LTE connectivity providing internet access; all three also contains partially recycled chassis and packaging materials to help reduce waste for schools over the device’s lifetime.

Acer Introduces 4 Chromebook Models For Education Markets 30

Chromebook 511. Image: Acer

Both convertible Chromebook Spin models features antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel, with their respective 11.6-inch 16:9 HD and 12-inch 3:2 HD+ sizes. Meanwhile, the Chromebook 511 can be optioned with touch panel or opt out based on their requirements.

All models get Wi-Fi 6E as standard, with 720p webcams powered by TNR (temporal noise reduction) for better low-light performance. Both convertible models can be optioned to include rear-facing cameras, privacy-wise, all webcams comes with included with physical shutters. Storage options are unspecified, but all are of eMMC variant and are available up to 8GB of RAM. Two USB-C ports come standard, with at least a single USB-A port, and microSD card slot (except the Vero model).

No availability information over here just yet – all models will be available starting April this year in US and EU market first, with pricing starting from $379.

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