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[CES 2023] ASUS Updates Expertbook B1 & Zenbook Series

[CES 2023] ASUS Updates Expertbook B1 & Zenbook Series

by Low Boon ShenJanuary 6, 2023
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ASUS Updates Expertbook B1 & Zenbook Series

From the workhorse Expertbook to creator-focused Zenbooks, here’s what ASUS brought to its lineup. Oh, there’s RGB. Yes, RGB.

ASUS Updates Expertbook B1 & Zenbook Series

ASUS Expertbook B1

First off is the Expertbook B1. With two sizing options (B1402, 14″ or B1502, 15.6″), this laptop is designed to be ultralight for portability; ASUS markets these models towards students and businesspeople in particular. On the performance, options on offer include Core i7 CPU, up to 48GB RAM and 2TB SSD if maxed out. The laptop also includes biometrics such as IR facial recognition and optional fingerprint sensor; as well as physical camera shutter for users’ privacy.

[CES 2023] ASUS Updates Expertbook B1 & Zenbook Series 24

ASUS Zenbook 14 Flip OLED

On the Zenbook side of things, there’s three models coming up. First is the Zenbook 14 Flip OLED – as the name implies, this 2-in-1 laptop features a 14-inch 16:10 2.8K 90Hz OLED panel with 100% DCI-P3 coverage and is certified by PANTONE. Performance is courtesy of Intel Core i7-1360P or i5-1340P, with 1TB SSD and 16GB onboard DDR5 available. The 75Wh battery supports fast charging with 0-to-60% requiring 49 minutes, ASUS claims.

The laptop also supports optional ASUS Pen 2.0 stylus which supports 4096 levels of pressure and can be charged through USB-C. The IR camera doubles up as the ambient light sensor, providing brightness control automatically depending on the surroundings or user presence – which helps to prolong the lifespan of its OLED panels.

[CES 2023] ASUS Updates Expertbook B1 & Zenbook Series 25

ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED

Next up is Zenbook 14X OLED. This traditional form-factor features more powerful internals including a Core i9-13900H and RTX 3050; 1TB SSD and 32GB onboard LPDDR5-4800 at its maxed out configuration. Display is similar to that of the Flip OLED with a few extras: 120Hz refresh rate, plus up to 600 nits brightness (with HDR support).

The 70Wh battery supports fast charging and USB-C charging, all sitting a slim 16.9mm, 1.5kg chassis. ASUS has given this model two new colors – Inkwell Gray and Sandstone Beige, with the latter being made through special PEO coating process and is fingerprint-resistant.

[CES 2023] ASUS Updates Expertbook B1 & Zenbook Series 26

ASUS Zenbook Pro 16X OLED

The star of the show belongs to the new Zenbook Pro 16X OLED – ASUS touted its use of ‘system-on-module’ (SoM) motherboard design dubbed Supernova (co-developed with Intel), which shrinks its circuitry and enables extremely high RAM speeds. Sitting on the motherboard is the Intel Core i9-13905H and RTX 4080 Laptop GPU, with 32GB LPDDR5X-7500 onboard and 2TB SSD at its disposal.

This not only shrinks the motherboard for more battery capacity or other parts – it also enables more efficient cooling system since the area of heat source is reduced and focused, hence enable the use of high-power components like the Core i9 and RTX GPUs. Liquid metal is used for cooling, enabling the whole system to run at its peak combined TDP of 155W.

On top of that, AAS Ultra lifts the keyboard from the chassis which exposes air intake channels for higher airflow, but this time around they’ve also put RGB on the edge of the chassis. Wild. They didn’t specify how would the RGB work apart from ‘interactive effects’ (which seem to also include keyboard backlight based on product photos), but we think it’s unlikely to be a rainbow show like you see on these ROG STRIX laptops.

While the chassis itself is very thin at 16.9mm – all that high-power parts has brought its weight up quite a lot. We’re talking 2.4kg here – which is even heavier than some of the gaming laptops on the market. Display is courtesy of a 3.2K 16:10 120Hz OLED with HDR support. Other creature comforts include SD card reader, HDMI 2.1, two Thunderbolt 4 ports and a massive 96Wh battery.

No pricing or availability information has been released so far – so stay tuned for updates.

Pokdepinion: Has there been laptops that come this thin and also this heavy at the same time? 

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