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iPhone 12 In France Comes With Two Boxes Which Offers You Their Apple EarPods

iPhone 12 In France Comes With Two Boxes Which Offers You Their Apple EarPods

by Raja IdrisOctober 22, 2020
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The iPhone 12 series have been launched recently where many eyebrows were raised when Apple decided to offer the new smartphone with just the phone and just the charging cable. Well it seems that over in France, they are actually providing more where the phone package includes the Apple EarPods.

iPhone 12 comes with EarPods in France

iPhone 12 colors

Why exactly does the iPhone 12 comes with an additional Apple EarPods in France? Well it seems that the law in the country requires manufacturers to provide smartphones with headphones/earphones.

In this regard, Apple had no choice but to obey the law that was set by the government. Seeing how the they wouldn’t want to spend more on a different packaging, Apple decided it would be best to just pack the iPhone 12 inside a bigger box that contains the Apple EarPods.

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Pokdepinion: The issue with the latest offering from Apple is that, what if they’re getting a customer who’s new to the ecosystem? Nice to see that they are getting the EarPods in France, even though it’s still not the complete package.

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