Redmi K40 Gaming “Lite” with Dimensity 1100 on the way?

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Redmi K40 Gaming “Lite” with Dimensity 1100 on the way?

The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is a pretty groundbreaking device, especially for Redmi, considering that it is their first ever gaming phone. But it seems that the second gaming phone for Redmi is coming really soon, with a slightly weaker Dimensity 1100 in tow. Could this be the Redmi K40 Gaming “Lite”?

Redmi K40 Gaming Lite Digital Chat Station leak

Rumors of the Redmi K40 Gaming Lite comes from Digital Chat Station, which has a pretty solid track record of delivering legit leaks. Aside from the chipset, it appears that the Redmi K40 Gaming Lite won’t have much difference at all. The leaker suggests that the upcoming device will come with a high refresh rate FHD+ display, 67W fast charging and a 5000mAh+ battery, all of which are in the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition.

Dimensity 1200 vs Dimensity 1100?

Mediatek dimensity 1200 dimensity 1100 chipset

Even the difference between the two chipsets isn’t all that huge. The Dimensity 1200 offers a “prime” Cortex-A78 core that runs at up to 3.0GHz coupled with three Cortex-A78 cores at 2.6GHz, while the Dimensity 1100 only offers four Cortex-A78 cores clocked at up to 2.6GHz. Multi-core performance should be pretty similar between the two chipsets, with the single-core performance being in favor of the Dimensity 1200.

Both chipsets feature the same Mali-G77MC9 GPU too, which should mean pretty similar gaming performance. With that said, the Dimensity 1200 supports up to 168Hz displays, while the Dimensity 1100 is capped at 144Hz. It probably doesn’t matter as the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition only came with a 120Hz panel, so the Redmi K40 Gaming Lite will most probably not offer a higher refresh rate.


The last bit of info in the leak is probably the most interesting: the Redmi K40 Gaming Lite is going to offer great value for money. With the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition already being amazing bang for buck, I really can’t wait to see how low can the Redmi K40 Gaming Lite go in terms of pricing!


Pokdepinion: I have always been asking for a gaming phone with all the gaming-oriented features, but with a mid-range chipset. I think we will finally be getting that now!

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