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Samsung Addresses Fix for Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Flickering Problem

Samsung Addresses Fix for Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Flickering Problem

by Skye NgFebruary 24, 2022
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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra addresses Fix for Screen Flickering Problem

Earlier this month, Samsung debuted the Galaxy S22 Ultra and promised that the product will begin shipping on February 25. However, users who have gotten their units earlier have stumbled on an unexpected problem, which is the screen flickers in certain situations. 

An official forum moderator on Reddit has since replied to concerned users on the platform and has assured them that a fix will be happening soon. 

How does the issue occur on the Galaxy S22 Ultra? 

The screen flickers when the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s resolution is set at WQHD and Screen mode is set to Natural. When these options are enabled, the flicker appears when users play Youtube videos or when unlocking the device. 

There is a glimmer of hope as the moderator has confirmed that Samsung has already developed a fix for the problem and will have it implemented soon. Until that happens, you can avoid using the WQHD resolution in Natural colour mode to save yourself a headache. 


Pokdepinion: Although no one likes having problems on their brand new phones, I like how Samsung already has a solution in mind to solve the issue. 

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