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Pac-Man Geo Turns Your Streets Into Playable Pac-Man Levels

Pac-Man Geo Turns Your Streets Into Playable Pac-Man Levels

by Aiman MaulanaSeptember 11, 2020
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Have you found yourself with an itch to play Pac-Man all of a sudden? The upcoming Pac-Man Geo might just be able to satisfy that as it will turn your local streets into playable levels for you to enjoy.

Pac-Man Geo In Development

Pac-Man Geo Turns Your Streets Into Playable Pac-Man Levels

The idea behind Pac-Man Geo is that you will essentially be playing the game in real life. How it works is that the game will create a level based on the map of your location, including power pellets and ghosts, for a more unique experience.

If you’re wondering how Bandai Namco will be getting the geographical data, it will be based on data obtained from Google Maps. It’s said that the game has been in a prototype stage since 2018, with further planning and development starting later in 2019.

Pac-Man Geo will be launching sometime in September 2020. The game will be available in over 170 countries, including Malaysia. It will be available on Android and iOS, with pre-registrations now open for the public.

If you’re interested to pre-register, click on your respective mobile platforms below to pre-register:


Pokdepinion: This is actually pretty cool. If it’s implemented well, it might just be the smartest way of using geographical data.

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