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Fortnite Leak Suggests Exciting Vehicle Hijacking Mechanic Coming Soon

Fortnite Leak Suggests Exciting Vehicle Hijacking Mechanic Coming Soon

by Aiman MaulanaJanuary 2, 2024
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Fortnite enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a potential game-changing addition – a recent leak hints at the arrival of a vehicle hijacking mechanic in Chapter 5 of Fortnite. If this leaked information holds true, it could introduce an unpredictable and chaotic element to the driving experience in the popular battle royale game.

Vehicle Hijacking in Fortnite Coming Soon?

Fortnite’s journey with controllable vehicles has been intriguing. From the absence of drivable vehicles in the early Battle Royale seasons, players witnessed the introduction of shopping carts in Season 4. The experience, however, had limitations, with control restricted to pushing the carts rather than riding in them. Subsequent seasons saw improvements, including the addition of the All Terrain Kart (ATK) and various drivable vehicles that transformed map traversal.

The recent leak, reported by Loolo_WRLD on Twitter, suggests that Epic Games is actively developing a gameplay system for Chapter 5 that enables players to hijack other players’ vehicles. However, potential limitations are outlined, indicating that successful hijacking may fail if the vehicle is moving too fast, navigating a sharp turn, or involved in a collision.

Fortnite Leak Suggests Exciting Vehicle Hijacking Mechanic Coming Soon

Fortnite, known for offering diverse activities beyond traditional battles, has seen players creatively utilize vehicles since the shopping cart era. The prospect of vehicle hijacking adds an intriguing dynamic, promising players even more inventive ways to use this feature in their gameplay.

Despite the exciting leak, Epic Games has yet to make any official announcements regarding the addition of the vehicle hijacking mechanic in Fortnite. While the leak carries a degree of believability, as the feature appears to be a nuanced addition rather than a game-changing element, fans eagerly await confirmation from Epic Games. The potential inclusion of vehicle hijacking opens up exciting possibilities, enhancing the Fortnite experience in unforeseen ways. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Epic Games to confirm the arrival of this intriguing addition to the Fortnite universe.


Pokdepinion: As the Fortnite community eagerly anticipates Chapter 5, the leaked information about a possible vehicle hijacking mechanic adds an element of suspense and excitement. Players may soon navigate the battlefield in a more unpredictable manner, introducing fresh challenges and opportunities for creative gameplay. 

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