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Valorant Episode 3 Agent Buffs and Nerfs Listed

Valorant Episode 3 Agent Buffs and Nerfs Listed

by Aiman MaulanaJune 21, 2021
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Valorant Episode 3 is coming soon and some players already managed to try it out before it was officially launched. Now, we have the full list of buffs and nerfs for every agent in this game right here.

Valorant Episode 3 Agent Buffs and Nerfs

We’re expected to see some huge changes, especially on game balance, in Valorant Episode 3. Plenty of weapon prices have changed, and so will agent abilities. Furthermore, Riot Games is adjusting how a number of abilities work as well.

For instance, they are making Omen’s Paranoia skill cheaper from 400 credits to 300. Personally, this is a good change as I believe 400 is too pricey for it, and it doesn’t encourage new players to give it much of a try. Jett on the other hand sees her Cloudburst getting more expensive from 100 credits to 200, and her dash can no longer penetrate Cypher’s Tripwire.

If you want to see the full list of changes, check it out right below here:


  • Cloudburst: 100 to 200 creds
  • Updraft: 100 to 150 creds
  • Tailwind: Can no longer dash through Cypher’s tripwires
  • Bladestorm: Six to seven ult points


  • Astral Form Price: 200 to 150 creds/Starting stars decreased from two to one


  • Aftershock: 100 to 200 creds/One large shock to three small burst shocks
  • Flashpoint: 200 to 250 creds/Three to two charges


  • Owl Drone: 300 to 400 creds
  • Shock Bolt: 100 to 150 creds
  • Hunter’s Fury: Seven to eight ultimate points


  • Snakebike: 100 to 200 creds


  • Incendiary: 200 to 250 creds


  • Boom Bot: 200 to 400 creds
  • Showstopper: Seven to eight ultimate cost


  • Leer: 200 to 250 creds


  • Blideside: 200 to 250 creds


  • Neutral Theft: Seven to six ultimate points


  • Curveball: 200 to 250 creds


  • Slow Orb: 100 to 200 creds
  • Resurrection: Seven to eight ultimate points


  • Trailblazer: 200 to 250 creds
  • Guiding Light: 100 to 150 creds/Three to two charges/Flashes regenerate after 40 seconds


  • Shrouded Step: 100 to 150 creds
  • Paranoia: 400 to 300 creds
  • Dark Cover: One free smoke (Previously there were two)/Second smoke cost – 100 credits/ Smokes regenerate after 40 seconds

Some players will be happier than others but don’t worry, these changes aren’t necessarily permanent. If it ends up changing the game for the worse, Riot Games will release a new patch to help re-balance the game. For now, we will just have to try it out first. Valorant is currently available for free exclusively on PC.


Pokdepinion: I feel like a lot of these changes are needed, but the most painful one would probably be Sage. It’s not so much that the Sage players will have a tough time, but it will certainly discourage a good number of them from selecting the agent when they need to.

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