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PlayStation VR2 Launch Might Be Delayed to 2023

PlayStation VR2 Launch Might Be Delayed to 2023

by Aiman MaulanaApril 13, 2022
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Sony PSVR2 Has Finally Been Revealed in Full

After the full reveal, it appears that the PlayStation VR2 might see its launch getting delayed to 2023 instead of coming this year. Here’s what we know thus far.

PlayStation VR2 Launch Delayed to 2023?

The CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Ross Young, shared out on Twitter that Sony might not be able to launch the PlayStation VR2 in 2022. Apple and Sony have seemingly delayed the launch of their new VR headsets to 2023 instead, though it’s worth noting that Sony never officially mentioned a 2022 release.

The reason why many believed that it will be released this year is because of information stemming from industry insiders, which would see the PlayStation VR2 launched sometime in Holiday 2022. One solid reason as to why it would getting delayed was reported earlier, citing the global chip supply shortage as a factor since it doesn’t look to be resolving anytime soon.

While Sony could easily launch the PlayStation VR2 with whatever stocks they can get their hands on, it might not be a good idea to do that. After all, the PS5 was launched during the global chip supply shortage and the global sales is far lower than expected as a result. For now, we will report more on this as soon as information becomes available so stay tuned.


Pokdepinion: There’s no point in rushing the launch of a hardware / peripheral if there’s not much games to enjoy it with anyway. People would just get it, enjoy for a short time, and then let it collect dust or resell it.

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