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Twitch To Adjust Subscription Prices Based On Your Location

Twitch To Adjust Subscription Prices Based On Your Location

by Raja IdrisMay 18, 2021
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In a recent blogpost, Twitch has revealed that they are planning to introduce alternate subscription prices based on your location.

Twitch to adjust subscription prices based on location

The company has said that the price for a Twitch Tier 1 subscription will be lowered for subscribers to reflect their area’s cost of living. At the start, the change will be implemented in Mexico and Turkey before rolling out to other countries as well.

They have said that the number of subscribers outside of the US is significantly lower, where in Europe and Asia, it is 50% less.

It appears that the pricing will be determined by payment method and location, which could mean a harder time for those who try to use a VPN to gain a cheaper price (for the subscription).

The new price change takes effect on the 20th of May 2021 where the price in Mexico is 48 pesos (~RM10) and 9.90 TRY (~RM4.89) in Turkey for a Tier 1 subscription.

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Pokdepinion: Hopefully if the change affects Malaysia, it won’t be too high. I know quite a few streamers who have complained that it’s just too expensive when subscribing to the US prices.

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