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Garmin’s Tacx lets you cycle indoors from just RM999

Garmin’s Tacx lets you cycle indoors from just RM999

by Vyncent ChanJuly 3, 2020
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If you enjoy cycling but want to stay indoors, well, this might just be the next best thing for you. Garmin’s Tacx range of indoor cycling trainers are now available in Malaysia, and aim to push the the boundaries of working out indoors with the ability to replicated an outdoor riding experience as closely as possible.

Garmin Malaysia will be bringing in the Neo 2T Smart, Flux 2 Smart, Flux S Smart, Antares and Galaxia roller trainers, to offer cycling enthusiasts a range of options to choose from. Starting from the top, there’s the Neo 2T Smart.

Tacx Neo 2T Smart

The Neo 2T Smart is designed to simulate an outdoor ride as realistically and as quietly as possible with a redesigned motor. The redesigned magnets allows the Tacx Neo 2T Smart to provide higher resistance levels and also measure data accurately within 1%. The motor offers dynamic inertia which compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination for a realistic ride, as well as descent simulation.

Garmin's Tacx lets you cycle indoors from just RM999 23

It also sports capacitive left and right sensors too to measure your leg position, to help improve your power distribution and cycling performance. ANT+ cycling dynamics will allow riders to further analyze their cycling via third party software, including the software on Garmin Edge bike computers.

You can use the Tacx Neo 2T Smart with or without mains power, with it turning on automatically if you do not connect it to the wall. It can also be paired with the Tacx Training App, which will allow you to experience an even more realistic cycling experience. That will allow you to virtually experience the feel of riding on different surfaces, inclinations and even cycle on the Alps.

The Tacx Neo 2T Smart is priced at a cool RM6699.

Tacx Flux 2 Smart and Flux S Smart

Tacx Flux S Smart

Tacx Flux S Smart

The Flux 2 Smart and Flux S Smart are both a step down from the Tacx Neo 2T Smart, but are still capable of offering a realistic ride. The capabilities to simulate inclinations as well as the accuracy of the measurements have been reduced a bit though. The Flux 2 Smart is capable of measuring data accurately within 2.5%, while the Flux S Smart is capable of accurate measurements within 3%. For inclinations, the Flux 2 Smart can provide up to 2000W of sprint resistance and simulate climbs of up to 16%, while the Flux S Smart tops out at 1500W and 10% incline.

Tacx Flux 2 Smart

Prices are significantly more affordable though, with the Flux 2 Smart priced at RM4199 and the Flux S Smart priced at RM3499.

Tacx Galaxia and Antares Rollers

For even more affordable options, there are the Galaxia and Antares Rollers. It is compatible with virtually all bikes with wheel diameters ranging from 26″ to 29″, and you can quickly set it up to start cycling quickly. When you are done, it can also be retracted to 80cm for easy storage. The Galaxia Rollers also offers a unique swing system that allows for absorption of the bike’s acceleration.

The Galaxia Rollers retails for RM1299 and the Antares Rollers is priced at RM999.

You can find out where to get the Tacx cycling trainers here.

Pokdepinion: I think Garmin can also consider bundling them with a big fan. I mean, I enjoyed cycling because of the wind in my hair…

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