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Clubhouse for Android Expected to Launch Soon

Clubhouse for Android Expected to Launch Soon

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 29, 2021
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Facebook is Already Creating Their Own Version of Clubhouse

Clubhouse has grown in popularity as a social networking platform due to its unique nature and exclusivity to iOS. Soon, Clubhouse for Android will be launching, and we have a rough idea when we can expect it.

Clubhouse for Android Expected to Launch Soon

Clubhouse for Android Expected to Launch Soon

Clubhouse for Android will be coming soon, and this was confirmed by co-founder Paul Davison himself. It’s said that the development team is hard at work in making the audio-based social media platform available for Android.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on exactly when it will be coming. It would be a safe bet for it to launch within 2021, but we do expect it to happen within the next couple of months. Paul Davison also mentioned that they are looking to drop the invite-only status for the platform in the coming months as they want to open it up to everyone, especially “many incredible creators” that aren’t using it yet. This is most likely referencing notable figures on other platforms.

One major issue on the lack of presence in Android is that the Google Play Store had several fake Clubhouse apps on it. This is dangerous as it threatens the safety of many Android users with malware and other threats. Hopefully, it launches sooner rather than later so the risk of falling into the trap will diminish significantly.

Pokdepinion: Well, if they don’t speed it up, it might just drop in popularity pretty fast but then again, the exclusivity might be what makes the platform succeed. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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