Juho Sarvikas Announces His Departure From Nokia After 15 Years

Raja Idris
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Juho Sarvikas Announces His Departure From Nokia After 15 Years

If you’re a big fan of Nokia, you are sure to know who Juho Sarvikas is. If you don’t, well he is the CEO of Nokia/HMD Global. It seems that after 15 years being together with the brand, he has announced of his departure.

Juho Sarvikas leaves Nokia/HMD Global

The announcement was made from his official Twitter account, where following 15 years of being with the company, he was appointed as the Vice President of HMD North America in 2020, taking over the responsibility to promote Nokia’s lineup.

Juho Sarvikas leaves Nokia

Juho Sarvikas leaves Nokia

Continuing in the topic of Nokia, the company looks set to unveil a trio of new devices on the 8th of April, which isn’t far away from now and supposedly they are the Nokia G10, X10, and X20. Specifications of the devices aren’t concrete at the moment but it is said that Nokia will be introducing a gaming smartphone under their banner.

We expect to learn more on them as we head nearer to the launch date. Till then, stay tuned to Pokde.net for the latest tech and gaming news plus reviews.


Pokdepinion: Nokia will always have a place in my heart, just the brand name itself is iconic. I just feel sad with the direction that they’ve took since they’ve re-entered the market. It was actually a good start since the launch of the Nokia 8 but since then it was pretty hard to justify their devices.. Let’s see where they will go from here..

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