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Hey YouTube, Some of Us Played Fair!

Hey YouTube, Some of Us Played Fair!

by Super DaddyMay 24, 2023
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It’s a bond, you see, a pact between a customer and a business. We pay you for a service, you give us the service without compromising on the promised quality. It’s simple, straightforward. That’s how it has always been between us, the loyal subscribers of YouTube Premium, and YouTube. But now, YouTube, it seems like you’ve forgotten your part in this pact.

Just a few days ago, Google casually rolled out a bombshell, announcing a startling price increase for the YouTube Premium Family plan in Malaysia. From RM26.90/month to RM33.90/month, the hike has left us, the faithful subscribers, reeling and asking, “Why, YouTube, why?”

Screenshot of YouTube Premium price hike announcement

Screenshot of YouTube Premium price hike announcement

Over the years, we’ve become accustomed to our ad-free viewing experience, the ability to download videos offline, and access to exclusive YouTube content. We’ve paid for these benefits because we believed in a fair trade. We acknowledged that YouTube has the right to make a profit, and we were more than happy to contribute.

In that same spirit of fairness, we held our peace when YouTube declared war against ad-blockers and made moves to decommission YouTube Vanced, a modded version of the YouTube app offering a free ad-free experience. We sat by, watching as YouTube systematically eliminated alternatives, cementing its place as the sole provider of a Premium YouTube experience. We understood, we accepted, because we believed we were playing by the rules of the game.

But YouTube, why have you chosen now to upend the game board? With your monopoly on the Premium, ad-free YouTube experience firmly established, the recent price increase feels like a slap in the face. It feels as though you’re exploiting your position, leveraging your lack of competition to squeeze a little more out of us, your loyal subscribers.

YouTube Logo

YouTube Logo

We get it. Businesses need to increase prices. Inflation, operational costs, added value — we understand. But YouTube, you’ve given us no such reasons. Instead, we’re left to speculate, and our speculation is fueling resentment. With no discernible improvements in service, and no competitors left to turn to, this price increase feels arbitrary, poorly timed, and to be frank, a little greedy.

YouTube, we thought our loyalty meant something to you. We’ve stood by you, supported your platform, and subscribed to your Premium services. In return, we didn’t ask for much: just a fair deal. And yet, this price hike, this unexplained, sudden increase, feels like a betrayal. It’s shaken our faith, left us questioning whether our loyalty was misplaced.

This is your wake-up call, YouTube. It’s time for you to remember who we are: not just sources of revenue, but the very heart and soul of your platform. We aren’t asking for much. We’re asking for fairness. We’re asking for respect. We’re asking for open communication and clear reasoning.

But most importantly, we’re asking for you to remember our pact. Remember that some of us played fair, YouTube. It’s your turn to do the same. Your next move could redefine your relationship with us, your loyal customers, and it could set the stage for how other digital service providers treat their own loyal user base. Here’s hoping you make the right choice.

Pokdepinion: Don’t you think at least the loyal customers who were already paying prior to this deserves to maintain the same pricing? You can charge a higher fees for new subscribers who are just about to learn their lessons, but YouTube, some of us played fair! And I think we deserve some love and compensation, no?

Featured Image Photo Credit: Photo by Yan Krukau from Pexels

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