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Huawei P30 camera captures Wang Lee Hom concert details like no other!

Huawei P30 camera captures Wang Lee Hom concert details like no other!

by Super DaddyMarch 18, 2019
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Smartphones and concerts have a very long intimate relationship. A lifetime moment captured is an everlasting memory captured. However, the shooting conditions in a concert is ever challenging. The base environment is usually dark, while the strobes and flashes make this even more complicated. In the past, smartphones used to struggle in this area, but today’s technology have overcome most of the challenges. Then again, one major problem still needs to be addressed; Depending on your seating (or standing) position, the subject might not be entirely visible to the camera. While most concerts provide large LED displays to aid this experience, your smartphone has another problem to deal with which is back light causing your photos to be overexposed. You could use manual mode but you would miss the precious moment there.

Huawei Ups The Ante in Concert Photography

This is where Huawei has changed the game altogether for concert goers. Recently, Wang Lee Hom had a live concert in Stadium Merdeka. These images were taken during the at quite a distance from the subject. Let the images do the talking before we elaborate further.

Huawei P30 camera captures Wang Lee Hom concert details like no other! 26

Just look at that! Gauging the distance from the first image, the subject is at a pretty far distance. Using the close shot mode, you can already capture Wang Lee Hom in person without breaking any details. Further zooming in, you can even see the face expressions clearly. A moment like this captured by a device that just fits in your pocket, not bad, eh?

Oh, we do have more samples.

Huawei P30 camera captures Wang Lee Hom concert details like no other! 27

Tell me that doesn’t blow your mind! In the first image, you can barely see Wang Lee Hom from the camera’s position. Zoom in enough and you can see a silhouette even with the large screen back light behind it. Zoom further and just look at the results! Now this one was taken in a dark condition with backlit displays.

You say it’s not fair because we mentioned strobes and flashing lights? Well, let’s bring those on then!

Huawei P30 camera captures Wang Lee Hom concert details like no other! 28

There you go. It’s a Wang Lee Hom concert, of course you’d expect extreme flashy lighting. Now just look at how the Huawei P30 didn’t even seem like it struggled even in its super zoom.

Let’s have a look at one more sample.

Huawei P30 camera captures Wang Lee Hom concert details like no other! 29

Well, I rest my case. Now let’s put words where they belong.

These images are nothing short of impressive. You might say that the super close shot is a little fuzzy, but let me tell you this. These are static images in a concert where the movement is aggressive. Wang Lee Hom wasn’t static in a single position when these images were taken and let’s all agree, our current smartphones when zoomed at this depth will struggle heavily with the movement apart from all the factors that we have discussed above. That makes the Huawei P30 a serious game changer here. For the same amount of money, heck, even top up a little, get a DSLR with basic kit lens in non-modded setup and you probably still won’t be able to capture this much. Most of them definitely won’t be able to deliver.

If this is what the Huawei P30 delivers, then capturing moments in a concert will become an evergreen pursuit. Save that money from the expensive ticket. No more tiptoe-ing just to get that moment’s shot. But how much is the zoom capability that we’re looking at here exactly? What do you think? We’ll just have to see how it fares with HUAWEI’s previous flagship devices such as the HUAWEI P20 series and HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro that were identified as the top smartphones by DxOMark with 109 points.

Stay tuned for pioneering technology that fits the palm of your hands

Huawei P30 camera captures Wang Lee Hom concert details like no other! 30

The Huawei P30 launch is happening sooner than we expect. In fact, it will be launching in Paris on the 26th March 2019. Just keep your eyes peeled and ears sharpened to find out exactly how close the smartphone can zoom into. The theme itself will be “Rewrite the Rules” and the event will definitely reveal interesting features beyond just the camera.

And there’s more! HUAWEI has also announced that the HUAWEI Backup – a 1TB external hard drive device which you can use to automatically or manually backup data on your smartphone – may be one of the freebies that will be given out during the local HUAWEI P30 Series launch. With 1TB of data, you never have to worry about deleting old files in order to save new ones. See you on 26 March 2019!

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