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Proton EV Launching in 2025 Will Be an All-New Model

Proton EV Launching in 2025 Will Be an All-New Model

by Aiman MaulanaApril 2, 2024
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Proton is gearing up to debut its very own electric vehicle (EV) in 2025. Breaking away from the trend of rebadging existing models, Proton’s deputy CEO, Roslan Abdullah, confirms that this upcoming EV will be an entirely new creation, co-developed with Geely.

All-New Proton EV Coming in 2025

Proton EV Launching in 2025 Will Be an All-New Model

The collaborative effort between Proton and Geely has reached the final stages of design and prototyping, with rigorous testing currently underway. Roslan remains tight-lipped about specific details such as this Proton EV’s segment and body style, teasing that more information will be revealed closer to the launch date.

Drawing parallels with the rollout of the smart brand, Roslan hints at a staggered announcement approach, encompassing production commencement, booking openings, and more. Proton’s contribution to the EV’s development lies in tailoring it to suit Malaysian conditions, ensuring optimal performance in local environments.

While the possibility of both Geely and Proton versions exists, initial production will take place in China due to the need for new manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. However, plans for local assembly (CKD) are underway, aligned with the Malaysian government’s push for EV adoption through tax exemptions on fully imported (CBU) EVs.

Proton EV Launching in 2025 Will Be an All-New Model

Addressing concerns about competitive pricing in the Malaysian market, Proton emphasizes the importance of balancing battery range and affordability. The focus remains on delivering an EV that offers both functionality and practicality at the best possible price point.

This development aligns with the accelerated timeline for the Proton EV rollout, as hinted by CEO Li Chunrong and Chairman Datuk Seri Syed Faisal Albar during previous announcements. With plans advancing ahead of schedule, Proton aims to make significant strides in the EV segment, surpassing previous expectations set for 2027. Stay tuned for more updates as Proton ventures further into the realm of electric mobility.


Pokdepinion: Since there will be two Proton EVs in the near future and this one will be an all-new model, there’s a good chance the others might still be a rebadge, yes? I’m personally fine with it, and it would be really tough to design and produce multiple all-new models in such a short span of time.

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