Intel Will Be Manufacturing MediaTek Chips Moving Forward

Aiman Maulana
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Intel Will Be Manufacturing MediaTek Chips Moving Forward

Intel Will Be Manufacturing MediaTek Chips Moving Forward

Intel and MediaTek have officially reached a foundry partnership agreement which will see the blue camp manufacturing chips for them. The chips will be used for a “range of smart edge devices” using Intel Foundry Services (IFS), with the idea here to build a “more balanced, resilient supply chain” with extra capacity in the US and Europe.

For those of you who aren’t aware, MediaTek is a fabless chipmaker that makes processors for a variety of smartphone makers, including the likes of OnePlus, Samsung, OPPO, and more. They will make a blueprint of it and contract 3rd party companies to produce the chips for them, and in this case, it will be the blue camp.

From what we understand, the Intel Foundry Services will be making chips for industrial computing, medical devices, internet-of-things applications and more. At the moment, they are already making chips for MediaTek in their 5G data card business.

Last year, they have been announced to make chips for Qualcomm as well, putting up a serious fight against TSMC and Samsung. They’ve also received a USD $20 billion investment for two fabrication plants in Arizona as a way to combat against the global chip supply shortage.


Pokdepinion: I see some more interesting moves coming up, specifically in terms more partnerships down the road. It’s a pretty solid move given how new the business is, relatively speaking.

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