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How Has the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Display Durability Improved?

How Has the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Display Durability Improved?

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 7, 2022
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One of the biggest concerns with foldables is the longevity and durability of the display. However, it seems that the Korean giant is confident with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 but how has it improved? It all starts with the continuous development of the Ultra Thin Glass (UTG).

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and its Ultra Thin Glass (UTG)

The key to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4’s durability is Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). It’s made using a high-precision manufacturing process, which can be done with scalability in mind. They first start by applying a special coating accordingly with the dimensions of the product. This is done to help strengthen the display, such as making it less prone to scratches.

Afterwards, they begin to cut it down, with a smoothly cut edge being vital to the entire process. The reason for this is to maximize its durability. To ensure a smooth cut surface, the glass is placed between two rotating rollers to ensure no oddities or protrusions in the final product.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Review -

As the name might imply, UTG is very thin, roughly one-third of a human hair. Any bit of damage to it, even if it is a small scratch, could lead to higher stress levels when folded. To counter this, Samsung has created a special process to remove any impurities from the surface, which in turn strengthen the durability of it. It is further reinforced via thermal and chemical treatments.

Of course, saying all of this still gives a rather vague idea on how strong the glass truly is. As such, every single piece of UTG undergoes a stringent series of quality tests, which includes bend tests to extreme curvatures, for quality assurance purposes. It is said to be capable of folding over 200,000 times.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Brings Notable Improvements To The Table

It is only after passing these tests and quality sampling inspections that they would be approved for installation on foldables, most notably the latest ones around which are the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4. Samsung will continue to develop it further, and we can expect it to be far more durable as time goes by. As for now, it’s certainly far more than usable as a daily driver.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is retailing from RM6,799 to RM8,299 with warranty now going for 2 years and free screen protector change up to 3 times in case it peels off.


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