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Xiaomi Mi 11 is the ultimate movie studio in your pocket!

Xiaomi Mi 11 is the ultimate movie studio in your pocket!

by Vyncent ChanMarch 20, 2021
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Xiaomi Mi 11 @ Lazada

The Xiaomi Mi 11 arrived with some chart-topping specifications clad in a stunning design. And of course Xiaomi has not neglected its tradition of offering great value for your money, you don’t have to “sell a kidney” for all the features and specifications packed into the premium Mi 11.

Ultimate audiovisual experience

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Xiaomi’s pursuit to bring improved audiovisual experiences to smartphones was really evident with the Mi 10 series, with the flagship boasting of a powerful stereo speaker setup and a 90Hz AMOLED display. This year, for the Mi 11 they have further improved upon the built-in stereo speakers by collaborating with none other than Harman Kardon. The results are pretty plain to the ears, with the Mi 11 being one of the best sounding smartphones we have ever tested.

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Moving on to the visual experience, this is Xiaomi’s first smartphone with a WQHD+ display. Aside from the pin-sharp resolution, the Mi 11’s display refreshes at a whopping 120Hz. The display received DisplayMate’s A+ rating, making it a great match for the impressive camera capabilities of the Mi 11, which we will get to in a bit.  On top of all that, the display sports smooth curves on all sides, ensuring that all your swipes feel as natural as they can be.

Maximum performance

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To be able to power the flagship experience that Xiaomi plans to deliver with the Mi 11, they definitely needed a strong chipset. That job falls on the shoulders of the latest flagship chipset that Qualcomm has to offer, the Snapdragon 888. The Snapdragon 888 packs the new Kryo 680 CPU, a new Kryo 660 GPU and the Spectra 580 ISP to deliver spectacular performance in everything you want to do with the Mi 11, be it gaming or your photography and videography pursuits.

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Keeping the lights on is the large 4600mAh battery that supports up to 55W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging. The Mi 11 comes with a 55W GaN charger in the box, so you don’t have to go out and buy one separately. If you are feeling particularly benevolent, the Mi 11 also boasts of 10W reverse wireless charging so you can share some of your battery life with your less fortunate friends who have yet to upgrade to the Mi 11.

Professional-grade Camera

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Now, we finally get to the camera. The Xiaomi Mi 11’s triple-camera setup might seem unimpressive in the face of the Mi 10’s quad-camera configuration, but you do still get the same three usable cameras, with the only camera being removed being the depth sensor. They kept the 108MP main camera that is capable of capturing ludicrous amounts of details and the 13MP ultra-wide angle shooter, while upgrading the macro camera to a better telephoto macro camera that debuted in the POCO F2 Pro.

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On the software end, Xiaomi also paid a lot of attention to the video capabilities of the Mi 11. The Mi 11 comes with a cutting-edge video night mode for improved low-light videos and now boasts of impressive pro-level manual controls for videos.

The Mi 11 allows for manual adjustments of focus, shutter speed, ISO, EV and white balance for both normal and also time-lapse videos. It can even capture videos Log mode to allow for greater flexibility in post processing. You can even shoot 4K HDR10+ and 8K HDR10 videos with the Mi 11.

My favorite feature introduced with the Mi Note 10, the Vlog mode, has also been further improved upon in the Mi 11 with the addition of the AI Cinema effects. With effects like Magic zoom, Slow shutter, Time freeze and Parallel world, the Mi 11 adds an unprecedented dimension to videography in smartphones.

Still honest pricing!

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While Xiaomi has added plenty of features to the Mi 11, it is still offered at prices starting from just RM2799. The Mi 11 is offered in two colors, Midnight Gray and Horizon Blue, and is available in two options:

  • 8GB + 128GB: RM2799
  • 8GB + 256GB: RM2999

Xiaomi Malaysia is also throwing in a 2-year warranty along with a 12-month screen protection guarantee when you get the Mi 11. Get the Xiaomi Mi 11 from Lazada via the following link:

Xiaomi Mi 11 @ Lazada

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