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Samsung Showcases 2021 MICRO LED And Neo QLED 8K/4K Features In New Technical Seminar

Samsung Showcases 2021 MICRO LED And Neo QLED 8K/4K Features In New Technical Seminar

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieApril 22, 2021
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Samsung has announced that they will be hosting a Technical Seminar which will highlight the technology, features and innovation with this year’s new product lineups, covering Neo QLED 8K/4K, MICRO LED and Samsung’s award-winning Lifestyle portfolio.

Samsung’s Technical Seminar showcases MICRO LED and Neo QLED 8K/4K features


Samsung’s tech seminars have offered a unique forum for providing insightful information and an exclusive hands-on experience with new technologies to global tech media for the past ten years, prior to their global release and distribution. The global virtual seminar this year will be the second of its kind, with participants coming from eight different countries from 31 March to 18 May. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about technological breakthroughs in-depth, followed by a Q&A session with Samsung executives and engineers.

Samsung’s product portfolio for 2021 is packed with cutting-edge hardware and software that promises a never-before-seen viewing experience. Outstanding picture quality, smart features, and gaming experiences, as well as lifestyle-integrated features and services, have all been made possible by technology.

Samsung Showcases 2021 MICRO LED And Neo QLED 8K/4K Features In New Technical Seminar 31

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the following items and areas during the seminar:

  • Neo QLED 8K, 4K and Picture Quality: Neo QLEDs combine Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology and the state-of-the-art Neo Quantum Processor to deliver true-to-life picture quality that is crisp and transparent like never before, with the most intricate of details in both dark and bright scenes.
  • MICRO LED: Samsung MICRO LED produces astonishing colour vibrancy and brightness with self-emissive LED display technology and an all-new Micro AI processor that delivers stunning HDR material, unlike any other display currently available on the market.
  • In-Home Activity: Samsung TV Plus and Samsung Health are among the smart features and applications included in the 2021 TV range, which are regularly updated to improve the product’s usability and keep up with the evolving needs of modern consumers.
  • Gaming Experiences: Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED TVs provide the ultimate gaming experience on both PC and consoles, satisfying even the most ardent gamers.
    Enhanced performance, motion graphic features, reduced input lag, and ultimately more complete and immersive sound are all provided by the latest AI-driven features, such as Super Ultra Wide Game View and Auto Game Mode.
  • Lifestyle TV: The Frame, The Serif, and The Sero, all part of Samsung’s award-winning lifestyle TV portfolio, have new product rollouts and lineup extensions. With over one million units sold since its launch in 2017, The Frame has redefined the idea of television, transforming displays into breathtaking works of art.
  • Monitor: The standard 9-5 no longer exists after a year of working and studying remotely. Samsung’s latest M7 and M5 screens are the world’s first “do-it-all” screens, powered by Tizen OS and allowing users to work, learn, and watch content from anywhere, at any time.

For more information on Samsung’s 2021 TV product lineup, check out the official website here.

Pokdepinion: I’m actually pretty impressed by Samsung’s MICRO LED and Neo QLED televisions. On paper, they look to pack some serious and stunning image performances.

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