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Shadow Arena Now Available For Global Beta Test On PC

Shadow Arena Now Available For Global Beta Test On PC

by Raja IdrisFebruary 28, 2020
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If you’re a fan of battle royal games, well you might want to check out Shadow Arena, a game that pits 40 players against each other to become the sole survivor.

You can choose from nine Heroes, with each coming with their very own unique fighting styles. Aside from battling other players, you will also need to slay monsters to collect loot in order to upgrade gears and obtain buffs to get the upper-hand.

Shadow Arena Now Available For Global Beta Test On PC 20

Pearl Abyss, the company behind the game as well as Black Dessert, has also added Badal the Golden, the latest Hero to join the roster of Heroes and offers a new combat style that players can enjoy. He is a melee fighter with the ability to throw lightning-fast combos to his opponents.

In the game, there’s Team Mode, where you can pair up with a team mate. Private Matches is also available for those who want to have their own personal lobby.

They’ve introduced tier-specific matchmaking in the beta, which they claim is purely skills-based system that advances players to higher tiers based on their performances.

Throughout the beta test period, Shadow Arena offers an “Action Battle Royale” experience that draws from MOBA, Battle Royale, and MMO genres.

Interested in joining the beta test? Well you will need to sign up first to get the game key on Steam. Shadow Arena will be making its way to consoles as well, though an exact date is not yet confirmed.

Pokdepinion: Well that’s interesting combination of genres.. I might just give it a go.

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