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More details of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 surface!

More details of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 surface!

by Vyncent ChanJuly 5, 2016
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As we approach the official launch of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, more and more details are popping up. First and foremost, it is expected to be priced at around $250 (~RM1000) and will come in two variants, 3GB and 6GB. The cards are also slated to be launched on 7th July. The 3GB variant is rumored not to feature SLI too, but based on the following images, it seems like NVIDIA will not allow SLI functionality of all GTX 1060.

GTX 1060

As  you can see in this image from PurePC, no SLI fingers. And unless NVIDIA wants to provide bridge-less SLI capabilities (highly unlikely given their recent push for SLI High Bandwidth bridges), the GTX 1060 is set to work in single card mode only.


Now if we are to believe the slides that claimed the GTX 1060 will outperform the AMD RX 480, it is clear why NVIDIA does not want enthusiasts to be able to SLI GTX 1060s.

Well-informed enthusiasts may also note that on the interwebs, it is claimed that the 3GB variant is rumored not to feature SLI, but no information is let out regarding the 6GB version. I come to the conclusion that both cards will not feature SLI. Firstly, why would NVIDIA give PurePC (assuming that they received a sample from NVIDIA for review purposes) the lesser variant of the GTX 1060? Logic dictates that you let people test your fastest card to blow everyone’s minds.

RX 480 vs 1080

Also, AMD has claimed that two RX 480 in CrossFire will be faster than a single NVIDIA GeForce 1080, and yet be more affordable and power efficient. Now what happens with two GTX 1060s — which are more powerful and power-efficient than the RX 480 — are SLI-ed? Even more powerful, even more power-efficient, making for even better value when compared against the GTX 1080. Obviously it is not in NVIDIA’s best interest to cannibalize the sales of their current flagship card, so this move is pretty much expected anyway.

While the green camp consider whether it is worthwhile to get a card that performs around 50% slower than the flagship GTX 1080 with no chance of ever matching the faster card by throwing in a second one, here are more sweet photos of the upcoming GTX 1060 with the new reference cooler.

GTX 1060 3

The GTX 1060’s reference cooler is quite similar to the GTX 1070 FE and GTX 1080 FE’s in terms of appearance, aside from featuring more black accents than the coolers on the higher end cards. I believe this also means that more plastic is used in the design of this cooler, compared to the ones slapped onto the faster cards.

GTX 1060 2

The PCB of this card is short, but the cooler extends beyond the PCB. Yep. No SLI connectors. Oh, and if you noticed, in the image of the side view of the GTX 1060, the power connector is at the very end of the cooler, which means you will not have awkward wires sticking out of the middle of the card due to the short PCB the GTX 1060 features. However it also means wires snaking through the reference cooler from the end of the PCB to the power connector… but at least they are out of sight. And this short PCB also opens up opportunities for AIBs to design compact low profile cards for fans of SFF builds.

GTX 1060 4

The packaging for the GTX 1060 looks pretty much like what the higher end Pascal cards come in. Nothing special here, but there is the missing Founder’s Edition wording.

Via: Tech Critter


Pokdepinion: The GTX 1060 may present itself as a great deal if you only intend to use a single card configuration in small form factor builds, but if you are planning on increasing the horsepower on your rig with a second card later on, then the RX 480 is the card to go for at this price range (assuming the GTX 1060 is priced similarly to the RX 480).

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