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Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX
Gold Pokdeward

Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX

by July 1, 2020

Comes in a nice matte finish, Qualcomm aptX, as well as a balanced audio quality while being at an affordable price.


1-year warranty




+ Matte finish is welcomed
+ Balanced audio
+ Ideal tap gestures
+ Features aptX
+ Affordable pricing
+ Decent battery life


- Lacks in the bass department
- Uses micro USB
- No wear detection

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An underrated aptX TWS option that doesn't require you to splurge money on.

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In this Edifier X3 review, we take a look at the company’s latest TWS product from their XEMAL series. Coming in with an affordable price tag, is it truly worth your money? Let’s find out.

Edifier X3 Unboxing

Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 19
Edifier X3 review – Box and content

Inside the box, you’ll get the following items:

  • Charging case
  • Earbuds
  • Documentation
  • microUSB cable
  • Extra eartips


Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 20
Edifier X3 review – White charging case

For our review unit, we got the white colour variant of the Edifier X3. It comes with a matte finish, which I personally like.

Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 21
Edifier X3 review

As you can see, you can find the charging port behind the charging case. Unfortunately it still uses a microUSB port, which makes it feel a little bit outdated.

Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 22
Edifier X3 review

Similar to the charging case, the earbuds come with a matte finish as well. You also see an ‘X’ mark on the back. It’s pretty small so it’s expected to disappear into your ears when you wear them. Don’t forget that you can change the eartips as Edifier has provided extras.

Edifier X3 Specifications

Headphone TypeTrue wireless, in-ear
ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
Wireless Range10m
Noise-cancellingCVC V.8.0 Noise-cancellation
Up to 6 hours playback
Charging case
3x Full Charge (total 18 hours)
8.1 gram
Charging case
24.1 gram
ColourWhite and Black
Ingress ProtectionIP55 (dust and water proof)

Edifier X3 User Experience


Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 23
Edifier X3 review – Inside the case

As is the norm with other wireless earbuds in the market, all you need to do is take them out of the case and pair them with your device via Bluetooth. Once that’s done, it’ll automatically connect with your smartphone the next time you use them, provided that you have Bluetooth enabled.

Unfortunately there’s no wear detection for them. If you’re a fan of that feature, you won’t find that here.


Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 24
Edifier X3 review

When it comes to the audio quality, the enjoyment of it is subjective. For me, I’d rather listen to the clarity and crisp sound of vocals and instruments, which is what the Edifier X3 managed to provide. If you are looking for that ‘punchy bass’ however, this will not be your cup of tea.

Audio quality in calls has been surprisingly good with the earbuds. The same can’t be said for gaming however as there is a noticeable delay when I was playing Call of Duty: Mobile. Given the affordable price however, it’s not really a surprise.


Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 25
Edifier X3 review

The charging case of the Edifier X3 is just nice in terms of size and can be easily brought around. It will barely take up space in your pockets. I for one have sweaty hands and to see that the X3 comes in a matte finish, this means that I will have no issues with it being slippery.

As for the buds themselves, they fit perfectly for me. I had no issues or discomfort after long periods of use and that’s pleasant enough for me. It also doesn’t feel loose when wearing them, so if you face this issue, just swap out the eartips.

For the tap controls, the Edifier X3 has the following:

  • Play / pause: 1x tap
  • Skip song: 2x tap
  • Previous song: 3x tap
  • Voice assistant: Hold for 2 secs

For me, this is the ideal gesture to have. There’s not a lot of products that come with the ability to move back to the previous song. Sometimes, you just want to listen to a song just one more time, or maybe that’s just me. There’s also no wear detection but then again I’m fine with that. The buds are already fitted directly in your ears, you would need to take them off to speak with people around you anyway.

Strangely, the product information for the Edifier X3 mentions that you can accept / reject calls. I couldn’t seem to find that function with this review unit. Despite that, I’m still fine without it as I often answer call directly on my phone.

Battery Life

Edifier has claimed that the X3 can last up to 6 hours and judging by my own usage, it isn’t far off. I managed to get roughly 5 hours and 47 minutes out of the buds. There are plenty of factors that could affect the battery consumption. In case you’re wondering, I had the volume set to 50%.

Edifier X3 Verdict

Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 26
Edifier X3 review

All in all, Edifier has put in an attractive offer in the form of the Edifier X3. With a decent build, lasting battery life, generally nice audio on clarity and vocals, and aptX support, the Edifier X3 provides a great package at a relatively affordable price tag of RM129.

I would definitely recommend the earbuds if you don’t mind the weak bass production and the latency when it comes to gaming, both of which I don’t mind at all.

For that, I gladly give the Edifier X3 our coveted Gold Pokdeward.

Edifier X3 Review — Truly Underrated TWS With aptX 27

A big thanks to Edifier Malaysia for providing the Edifier X3 that was used in this review!

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