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LIAN LI Introduces Latest PC Chassis the LANCOOL III

LIAN LI Introduces Latest PC Chassis the LANCOOL III

by Charlotte WuJuly 18, 2022
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LIAN LI Introduces Latest PC Chassis the LANCOOL III

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd. unveils the LANCOOL III, the newest addition to the LANCOOL line.

LIAN LI Introduces Latest PC Chassis the LANCOOL III

The LANCOOL III is air-flow optimized with a 51% porosity front mesh panel, fine mesh panels at the top and both sides of the PSU shroud, and four pre-installed 140mm PWM fans. The PC case allows users to add up to a 360mm radiator at the front on the multi-position bracket, above the PSU shroud which is 80mm thick, and up to a 420mm radiator at the top which is 75mm thick max, at an offset position with ample room for 60mm tall memory sticks.

The LIAN LI LANCOOL III supports up to E-ATX motherboards, 420mm long graphics cards, and ATX power supplies, as well as different storage solutions for mounting up to twelve 2.5″ SSDs or four 3.5″ HDDs and eight 2.5″ SSDs. The PC chassis has two brushed metal strips on the front and each strip serves as a door handle for the tempered glass panels on the right and left sides.

Users may move the contemporary I/O situated at the top of the front panel to the bottom for better access when the case is put on a desk. The LANCOOL III RGB’s I/O panel has extra RGB control buttons for light customization of the three pre-installed 140mm ARGB fans at the front.

The case’s second chamber has extensive cable management that includes eight Velcro straps hidden behind two detachable cover panels fixed on hinges and magnetically closed. To arrange and separate the front panel connections, motherboard 24-pin and GPU power cables, and fan hubs, three huge Velcros with various channels are used.

Five smaller Velcro straps are put around the motherboard region to route wires such as the CPU EPS cable and storage devices. Furthermore, there is ample area to attach up to four fan/ARGB hubs.

The O11D EVO vertical GPU kit allows for vertical GPU placement in the LANCOOL III. Users may choose between a black or white kit with a PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 riser cable.

The vertical GPU kit may be fitted in the LANCOOL III at multiple heights, with a lower position leaving 6mm of space between the kit and the top of the PSU shroud and a higher position leaving 46mm of clearance above the PSU shroud for fans and a radiator.

Starting 15 July 2022, the LIAN LI LANCOOL III will be available for pre-order. The prices are stated in the table below:

Model / Colours Black White
LANCOOL III $149.99 $159.99
LANCOOL III RGB $159.99 $169.99

Feel free to visit LIAN LI LANCOOL III’s official website for additional details.

Pokdepinion: Anyone who is looking for a new PC case anytime soon, this might be the one for you! 

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