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Chia plotting will rip through 512GB SSDs in 40 days

Chia plotting will rip through 512GB SSDs in 40 days

by Vyncent ChanMay 12, 2021
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Chia is intended as a “greener” alternative to current forms of cryptomining that involves proof-of-work. Instead of having to run energy-intensive calculations on your graphics cards, Chia uses relatively minimal power and instead uses up your storage. But the way it uses the storage, or more accurately, how Chia farmers are building their Chia farms, can result in dead SSDs as quickly as 40 days.

Intel SSD 670p

Of course, this should be common knowledge to most Chia farmers, but if you are planning on starting your Chia farm, you should probably be aware that plotting a Chia farm on a SSD is faster, but it does involves intense write cycles. Each SSD only has a finite amount of write cycles before wearing out, and based on these calculations, you will quickly run out of write cycles on your consumer SSDs.

In just 40 days, MyDrivers calculates that you would have written 256TB, which would be close to the limit of a 512GB SSD, which are usually rated for around 300TBW. This essentially gives you about 80 days with a 1TB SSD, and 160 days with a 2TB SSD, provided that you are using run-of-the-mill SSDs for your Chia plotting. But that’s given that you own a 512GB SSD capable of 300TBW, as some drives like the Intel SSD 660p are only rated for 100TBW for their 512GB capacity.

teamgroup t-create expert pcie ssd features

There are professional SSD that are designed for higher endurance, and some manufacturers like TEAMGROUP are even encouraging Chia farming with their SSDs. The T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD is rated for up to 12 000TBW, which is 10X more than your average SSD’s life expectancy.

Still, it goes without saying that on top of stocking up on storage, Chia farmers will also have to factor in the cost of replacing the dead SSDs. So yeah, yay for the storage market after this.


Pokdepinion: I wonder how green is Chia farming when you factor in the manufacturing of SSDs as well…

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