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Firefox Releases Android Feature That Block Websites From Tracking You

Firefox Releases Android Feature That Block Websites From Tracking You

by Raja IdrisJanuary 12, 2022
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Tired of getting ads of what you’ve been searching for? Well Firefox has recently brought Total Cookie Protection feature for Android devices where it blocks cross-site tracking.

Firefox Total Cookie Protection

Firefox Total Cookie Protection

How exactly do they do it? Well they are storing the cookies into a virtual “cookie jar” where it restricts websites from accessing your online behaviour searches and what not. As you might know, cookies is the standard way for companies to learn on your shopping preferences.

The feature isn’t actually new as it has been a part of the desktop version of the web browser, enabled on default. It’s available on the Android version of the Focus browser.

You might have noticed that some websites will require you to enable cookies to gain access. To negate that, Firefox uses SmartBlock among others to keep them (the websites) to be usable.

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Pokdepinion: Yeah it’s definitely annoying to see what you’ve been looking for as advertisements.. Let me be and save me from any temptation to do some shopping please.

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