Qualcomm Reveals Snapdragon 632, 439, And 429 — Low Tier Devices Are Still Getting Attention


While last month saw Qualcomm release their “upper mid-range” chipset with the Snapdragon 710, this time around, they will be bringing in new Snapdragons for lower-end devices.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, 439, and 429

With the new Snapdragon 429 and 439, it should be up to 25% more faster and offers better battery efficiency than the previous 425 and 430 chips.

The Snapdragon 429 can support either a single 16MP camera or dual 8MP cameras as well as offering a screen resolution of 720p. On the other hand, the 439 supports up to 21MP camera, or the similar dual 8MP combo and a resolution of 1080p.

Head on to the Snapdragon 632, it is supposed to be 40% faster than the earlier Snapdragon 626, coming in with a support of 1080p resolution and cameras up to 24MP or dual 13MP package, 4K video capture, and also an LTE modem for faster speeds.

Pokdepinion: Despite these chips don’t exactly offer something that’s new to the market, it is nice to see that Qualcomm are still producing new chips to support for the lower end devices. Not everyone can afford a flagship smartphone, no?