Samsung’s top notch trolling bites them in the behind — Galaxy smartphones to feature notches soon


Samsung might be revolutionizing the mobile display on one end, but they are actually taking a step backwards on another. After frequently poking fun at Apple’s notched iPhone X, they themselves are planning to add notches to their display. And they have planned for not just one, but three kinds of notches.

Samsung has designed new Infinity-U, Infinity-V and Infinity-O notches, all of which cut out a bit of the display to make way for a selfie camera. The Infinity-O design is probably the most unique one, with a hole in the screen. That design hasn’t seen a lot of fans, so hopefully few devices will feature it.

They also teased a New Infinity, which should mean a bezel-less and notch-less device is coming up from Samsung. Considering everyone from vivo to Xiaomi has already unveiled their own truly bezel-less designs, it is high time for Samsung to do so too.

What do you think about Samsung’s notched plans?

Pokdepinion: I guess their plans to forgo the notch is botched. Yes I purposely use rhymes. Sue me.