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Reason Why Apple Doesn’t Take Legal Action Against iPhone Leakers

Reason Why Apple Doesn’t Take Legal Action Against iPhone Leakers

by Raja IdrisJuly 23, 2019
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You might have noticed that down the years, there’s been a lot of people leaking iPhones before they are even announced or unveiled. It’s not hard to see Apple taking legal actions towards the leakers, but why haven’t they? The answer might come as a surprise to you.

Many would be forgiven to think that the company is taking matters rather lightly but that’s not the case at all. It seems that they even have a New Product Security Team (NPS), whose job is to stop these leaks from occurring.

These leaks usually happens when someone from the company’s assembly plant in China sneaked out their devices. It is said that the NPS are quick on their feet in tacking down the source of the leaks. Reportedly, there has been over 180 casings that were stolen of the iPhone 5C (when it was unreleased) and Apple found all the units and purchased them all from the black market.

So that begs the question, why hasn’t Apple called the law on them? It seems that they are reluctant to involve the police as this would attract too much attention. In addition to that, by reporting, it would nonetheless confirm that the leaks of a product to be true, instead of them being just a rumor.

Previously we’ve reported on the upcoming iPhone leak, which you can read more about right here. In other news, more and more people are losing their faith on iPhones and are switching sides.

Pokdepinion: I wonder what kind of punishment that awaits the leakers.. It doesn’t seem like Apple is doing a good job with their upcoming iPhone though with a whole bunch of leaks already available on the internet.

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