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POCOPHONE F1 Rosso Red now available — go get it at a Mi Store near you now!

POCOPHONE F1 Rosso Red now available — go get it at a Mi Store near you now!

by Vyncent ChanNovember 7, 2018
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There are few colors which evoke speed as well as red. And being the Master of Speed, it would only be natural for the POCOPHONE F1 to feature red in its color options, right? Now, the POCOPHONE F1 is available here in Malaysia in Rosso Red. The POCOPHONE F1 in Rosso Red is probably one of the most attractive looking option available, aside from the Kevlar-clad Armored Edition.

The Rosso Red variant of the POCOPHONE F1 will only be available in the 6GB + 128GB variant, and is only available at Authorized Mi Stores in limited quantity. Aside from the striking crimson exterior, the POCOPHONE F1 shares the rest of its specifications with the other POCOPHONE F1 variants.

The nice thing about the red POCOPHONE F1 is that the body will finally match the red rings around the camera, which is there regardless of your color of choice. The price of the POCOPHONE F1 Rosso Red Edition will be the same, at RM1499.

Will you be getting the new POCOPHONE F1 in red?

Pokdepinion: Red seems like a very popular color option for smartphones. I wish I had one too…

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