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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 “SPengate”

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 “SPengate”

by Vyncent ChanAugust 25, 2015
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a very sleek design, with a metal frame and glass panels for both the front and rear, a stark departure from their infamous penchant for plastics. The S Pen ejection mechanism also has been improved, instead of having to dig it out with your fingernail, you just have to click it for it to self eject.

Apparently with that system, Samsung also introduced a flaw in the S Pen’s slot — you can put the stylus in backwards. While I am sure many will scoff at the idea of putting the S Pen in the wrong way, I am sure those with children will be more wary about letting their children play with their Galaxy Note 5 now.

So the S Pen slips in backwards just as easily as it does the right way. If you could get it out, you would have damaged the S Pen removal detection system, which means the phone won’t know whether the stylus is in or not. Or you could have it stuck inside. Samsung will most probably fix this flaw with a minor redesign, but for now, we hope our readers do not attempt to put their Galaxy Note 5’s stylus in backwards.


SOURCE: Android Police


Pokdepinion: The Galaxy Note 5 is coming to Malaysia this September 3rd, and I believe it is also going to be quite a popular device. Will you be getting one? Or will this flaw affect your purchase decision? 

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