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Cooler Master MasterBox K500L Released – Illuminated Accents, Mesh, And Lighting That Won’t Break Your Wallet!

Cooler Master MasterBox K500L Released – Illuminated Accents, Mesh, And Lighting That Won’t Break Your Wallet!

by Raja IdrisMay 4, 2018
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Cooler Master has just launch their brand new MasterBox K500L case today which features illuminated accents, fine mesh, and red lighting. What better way to show that it’s for gaming and all this while you don’t even need to break your wallet.

Cooler Master MasterBox K500L

The new case features a mesh front panel, 400mm of graphics card space, support for 6x 120mm fans, as well as front and rear water cooling space support available. This makes the MasterBox K500L more than enough for you to house your performance gaming components.

Nothing screams ‘gaming’ like LED lights. With the K500L, it comes with just that. There’s an LED strip right in front. As mentioned earlier, with support of graphics card of up to 400mm, this ensures you that you are able to utilize the latest and widest cards that you can get on the market.

For your cable management, it comes with PSU cover and offers 19mm width space behind the mainboard tray, offering you plenty of cable management options, keeping your build nice and tidy.

The case is the first release in a lineup that features 3D mesh, shaped to match the design on the front panel, with traits that change lighting depending on the angle. Previously, dust filters came in two layers: one layer for aesthetics and the other a layer of finer mesh as a dust filter. With the MasterBox K500L, it integrates both of those layers into one, resulting in a finer mesh construction. Thermal performance is accomplished mainly through the front panel, but it is complimented by filtered ventilation below the I/O, and ventilation on the top panel.

The MasterBox K500L is now available for purchase and comes with a price tag of RM239.

Pokdepinion: Looks like a decent case, but personally I like the MasterCase H500P Mesh White which we wrote about recently (although they are at a very different price range). You get what you pay for 😛

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