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Something new is coming from POCO — will it come with the Snapdragon 855?

Something new is coming from POCO — will it come with the Snapdragon 855?

by Vyncent ChanDecember 24, 2018
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The POCOPHONE F1 made people question how much more are they actually getting by paying top dollar for the latest flagship, when they can get close enough with the POCOPHONE F1. Xiaomi isn’t going to rest on their laurels just yet though, as POCO India’s Twitter account just blasted a teaser:

What do you think is coming from them? A new #MasterOfSpeed? The only way you can top the POCOPHONE F1 in terms of speed is by bringing in the Snapdragon 855. So will it be the POCOPHONE F2? Or perhaps we are looking at it wrong, and the #NewPOCO is just going to be a new color variant, perhaps a Red and Green variant to celebrate the Christmas cheer?

Please let it not be the latter. It may seem a bit too soon for a POCOPHONE F2, as it will probably annihilate the competition if it is priced anything like the POCOPHONE F1. Whatever it is, we can’t wait for it!

Pokdepinion: Imagine what a rick-rolling experience it would be if Xiaomi actually released a red POCOPHONE F1 with green accents. LOL.

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