Vainglory Creator Raises $19 Million; Funds to Supercharge the Game and Team


Vainglory creators, Super Evil Megacorp, has raised USD $19 million from their investors. What improvements await the game and the developers now?


Vainglory Creator Raises $19 Million

vainglory super evil megacorp semc investment 19 million

Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC), the creators of Vainglory,  has raised USD $19 million in funding from their existing investors. Super Evil Megacorp will utilize the financing round to expand its team and deliver on its mission to build the best core game experiences for the touchscreen generation.

Super Evil Megacorp CEO, Kristian Segerstrale, said:

Already the most competitive mobile MOBA on the market, with an active global esports scene and growing community, Vainglory is off to a great start. Together with our investors we’re doubling down on our missions to build the best core gaming experiences for the touchscreen generation, and to create a home for talented game developers who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of the industry.

SEMC will utilize the additional funding to continue to grow its team of game designers, engineers, and artists. Having recently doubled its San Mateo office space, the company has grown from 50 to 80 in the last 6 months and is looking to expand further.

vainglory super evil megacorp semc investment 19 million

SEMC will also use the the investment to continue developing its proprietary, console-grade, multi-platform E.V.I.L. engine that has made Vainglory’s stunning graphics, beautiful visual effects and realistic animations possible. Currently, the studio is heavily focused on developing Vainglory’s upcoming 5v5 game mode, which will add to the strategic depth of the game and offer more to the Vainglory competitive community.

In just 2 years since its launch, Vainglory has made a mark. Vainglory is already the world’s biggest mobile eSport, with more than 3,000 teams across North America and Europe alone, 1,500 in Asia Pacific, over 1 billion matches played, 12 million registered accounts, and 10x year-over-year viewership growth.

The company has partnered with the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, ESL and others to deliver the best possible gameplay, competition and eSports events for fans across the world.

For those of you who haven’t given the game a try, Vainglory can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.


Pokdepinion: Personally, I’m a bigger fan of this than Mobile Legends. I don’t hate that game but I feel like Vainglory has given me more consistent gameplay experiences. Hope to see even more improvements in the game soon.