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MasterCase H500P launched in Malaysia; optimized for high airflow with dual 200mm RGB fans

MasterCase H500P launched in Malaysia; optimized for high airflow with dual 200mm RGB fans

by Vyncent ChanOctober 20, 2017
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The MasterCase H500P builds on the successful High AirFlow (HAF) series with huge 200mm fans and support for up to 360mm radiators.

This case has got many fans!

Cooler Master has launched their latest MasterCase H500P here in Malaysia. The MasterCase H500P features a new futuristic look that is a stark departure from the HAF series’ rugged military-inspired aesthetics.

No case in 2017 will be complete without RGB illumination, and the MasterCase H500P comes with two massive 200mm fans that feature RGB lighting. Aside from looking good, it also delivers tonnes of airflow to cool your components. If that’s not enough, the top of the case can also accommodate two 200mm fans. If you want to go down the custom liquid cooling route, the MasterCase H500P can house up to two 360mm radiators, one in the front and the other in the top vent.

To show off your hardware, the MasterCase H500P comes with a light-grey tinted tempered glass side panel for a clear view to the insides of the case. Regardless if you went with a RGBae setup or a clean single-colored lighting build, the MasterCase H500P will showcase it in all its glory.

With such a wide tempered glass panel, the last thing you would want are ugly cables snaking through your case. Cable management can be very cumbersome, so the MasterCase H500P features a customizable PSU shroud and removable cable cover panels to hide away the nasty mess.

The MasterCase H500P also comes with support for vertical mounting of your graphics card without having to cut anything in your case. Watch the pretty fans spin behind the tempered glass panel and forget all about fidget spinners. The riser cable is sold separately though.

The MasterCase H500P is available at RM639, at all Cooler Master authorized resellers.

Pokdepinion: The MasterCase H500P looks amazing with its chunky structural design. The potential for some serious airflow is also great for those who want to run all the latest high-end hardware.

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