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Coward Players Are Ruining PUBG Says Dr Disrespect

Coward Players Are Ruining PUBG Says Dr Disrespect

by Raja IdrisSeptember 27, 2019
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Some of you may or may not know Dr Disrespect. For those who don’t, he’s a popular streamer on Twitch who happens to hate campers when it comes to video games. He took the time at one of his recent stream and says that PUBG is getting ruin and no, it’s not because of a bug or what not but the cowardly players that’s playing the game.

Dr Disrespect claims that it has gotten so bad that he needs to take a break from the game, thanks to certain players that ruin the game for him and cause him to be bored from playing. He said “You’re boring me to death. You’re not playing video games. From yesterday to today, I have yet to die to someone legitimately. That’s a fact. It’s plain and simple. I don’t lose the one-on-ones. I don’t. I can’t remember the last time I lost a 1vs1. It just doesn’t happen”.

He stresses out that the only people that manage to kill him are those who are hiding behind trees, interior of building, and the such. Adding to that, he calls players who plays that was as the “worst players”.

Pokdepinion: To be fair, camping isn’t against the rule.. but then again I can see where his frustration is coming from. Maybe it’s time to switch games already?

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