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MSI Bringing Mobile Games To Gaming Laptops — Introducing The MSI APP Player

MSI Bringing Mobile Games To Gaming Laptops — Introducing The MSI APP Player

by Raja IdrisAugust 1, 2018
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In partnership with BlueStacks, MSI has introduced their MSI APP Player, which brings mobile games into gaming laptop, graphics and also motherboards.

MSI APP Player

Mobile gamers can now enjoy games on their MSI products for better performance, larger displays, and of course, enjoy playing with their interactive RGB keyboard lighting.

Compared to other mobile game simulators, the MSI APP Player is the world’s first to offer customized signature RGB keyboard lighting for popular mobile games including MOBA, FPS shooters, and more genres to come.

Besides that, the MSI App Player supports multi-instance, allowing gamers to play multiple games at once. Are you thinking of leveling up different games at the same time while on a single device, well now with MSI APP Player, you now can.

Of course you’ll get better performance when you play on their gaming laptops instead of your mobile. You get to utilize NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics and take full advantage of a wired LAN connection, which will definitely beat unstable network from Wi-Fi or 4G on mobile phones, making your gaming session uninterrupted.

Pokdepinion: I’m fine with the idea of playing mobile games on your laptop, but I just can’t understand when some people stream and play mobile games such as PUBG when there is already a PC version for it…. Maybe it’s too difficult for them? Who knows. Do you welcome the news that you can now game mobile games on your MSI laptops now? Let us know. 


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