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Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders will be canceled if it fails to ship by 31st May deadline

Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders will be canceled if it fails to ship by 31st May deadline

by Vyncent ChanMay 8, 2019
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The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been facing some serious problems regarding its durability. Members of the media and YouTubers who received their units broke them almost immediately, leading to Samsung recalling the units and even requesting the removal of iFixit’s Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown. Samsung has already delayed the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s release date indefinitely, and are now fighting to meet the 31st May 2019 deadline before they cancel all the pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the US.

Those who wish to continue the indefinite wait can opt-in to keep your order, but if no action is taken, your pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be canceled automatically. This is confirmed to be going down in the US, but the status of Malaysian pre-orders of the device are still unknown. At least, until someone who has pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Fold comes forward to let us know.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to make a mid-June release date, which is around the time the HUAWEI Mate X is expected to hit markets. Being forced to go head-to-head against its primary competitor would be quite interesting to see, as initially Samsung was to enjoy a 2-month long head start with Samsung’s previously proposed 26th April launch date.

If you had to choose, would you keep your pre-order or just get the refund and spend it on a less cutting-edge device, but one which you can hold now?

Pokdepinion: Samsung may be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Fold with a revamped design to fix the flaws, so it is understandable that it should take some time…

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