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Nintendo Prevents Switch Hackers With New Firmware Update

Nintendo Prevents Switch Hackers With New Firmware Update

by Raja IdrisNovember 26, 2018
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With the latest 6.2.0 firmware update, Nintendo have possibly closed off any forms of emulation and piracy on the handheld gaming console platform.

Previously, there was a recovery mode exploit that allowed hackers to boot up a customized OS in order to run illegally downloaded games, play games that was made by amateur developers, emulate retro games, and even enable external hard drive support for the console.

Thanks to the new update, it secures the boot up functionality and fixes the exploit. Switch owners are now required to download and install the new update to connect to the eShop.

Beforehand, hackers could pirate games directly from the store by tricking the servers. Though previous games that was acquired before the update will not be affected, it just means that they won’t be able hack their way into getting new ones instead.

Pokdepinion: Though it’s good news that they’ve introduced the new update to fight off the issue, I could foresee new methods of getting past it soon. Hackers being hackers, they’d definitely find their way around it somehow.

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