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[CES2019] Cooler Master showcases ASRock Phantom Gaming Edition hardware

[CES2019] Cooler Master showcases ASRock Phantom Gaming Edition hardware

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 10, 2019
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Cooler Master has previously partnered with ASUS to bring Cooler Master’s expertise into the TUF Gaming Alliance. It seems that Cooler Master has found a new ally in the form of ASRock though, with new ASRock Phantom Gaming Edition hardware showcased at CES 2019.

The hardware sees Phantom Gaming’s signature red and white slashes added to their currently outgoing MasterCase H500P Mesh case and also the Hyper 212 RGB air cooler. The Hyper 212 RGB Phantom Gaming Edition air cooler receives some fancy lines on the shroud covering the top of the cooler, giving it a more aggressive look.

Meanwhile the MasterCase H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition gets grey slashes across its tempered glass side panel, as well as some red accents near the front I/O. The touches are pretty subtle but it does make these selected pieces of hardware fit better with the ASRock Phantom Gaming lineup.

So now for people who love a military-inspired look, there’s the TUF Gaming Alliance. Meanwhile for those who prefer a sportier aesthetic there is ASRock Phantom Gaming. There are also the MasterLiquid ML240R Phantom Gaming Edition and MasterBox K500 Phantom Gaming  Edition for those who are interested.

What do you think of the added details to integrate them into the Phantom Gaming family?

Pokdepinion: The glass side panel of the MasterCase H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition is really pretty attractive even though I don’t have anything from Phantom Gaming.

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