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AMD Zen will be only in octa-core and hexa-core forms at launch

AMD Zen will be only in octa-core and hexa-core forms at launch

by Vyncent ChanMay 6, 2016
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We had previously guessed that 16-threaded AMD Zen parts will come first, and it seems like we are right. AMD will be working with octa-core dies for its initial batch of AMD Zen “Summit Ridge”, which should yield octa-core and hexa-core chips. With the Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) feature that AMD is introducing with the Zen architecture, we will be looking at 16-threaded and 12-threaded CPUs.


AMD Zen promises 40% more instructions per clock (IPC). Usually a high IPC means better efficiency, and given that it will be based on Samsung/GloFo’s 14nm FinFET manufacturing process, seems pretty believable. This means that they can clock the CPUs lower and offer similar performance to previous generations, or push the CPUs to similar clock speeds for higher performance. We might actually see proper 16-threaded AMD Zen mobile CPUs, clocked lower than its predecessors.

AMD Zen will be using the new AM4 socket and based on the Promontory chipset. DDR4 memory will be standard.



Pokdepinion: AMD Zen’s entry into the market with 8-cores blazing may be the right path to take. They can at least impress the market with their high end parts before slowly bringing in the mainstream products. After all with the dominance that the blue camp has shown, some spiciness from the red team will not hurt, right?

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