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Warframe, Gear Tactics developers may be acquired by Tencent

Warframe, Gear Tactics developers may be acquired by Tencent

by Vyncent ChanJuly 11, 2020
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I believe every gamer would have heard about the glorious game that’s Warframe, the one game that’s ridiculously grindy but still fun for most people. Digital Extremes, the developers of the game, are also quite nice in the way that the game gives you some advantage when you spend real cash on it, but not in a game-breaking kind of way. You can easily keep up without spending a single sen. However that might change once Tencent gets a say in things.

Tencent is reportedly in talks with Leyou Technologies, the holding company that owns Digital Extremes and Gear Tactics developers Splash Damage, regarding a possible acquisition deal. Tencent owns stakes in multiple game companies, including full ownership of Riot Games, as well as small stakes in Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft. They also have a pretty big share in Grinding Gear Games, the developers behind Path of Exile.

While Tencent’s games usually pack quite a bit of microtransactions in the mobile space, other platforms are generally fine. Tencent reportedly gave Grinding Gear Games the right to operate autonomously, without changing the microtransaction structure of Path of Exile. We might see a similar approach once Tencent gets control of Digital Extremes and Splash Damage. Fingers crossed that Warframe doesn’t change!


Pokdepinion: I do look forward to see what Tencent can bring to the table…

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