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Spotify To Come Up With Own Hardware – What Will It Bring To The Table?

Spotify To Come Up With Own Hardware – What Will It Bring To The Table?

by Raja IdrisFebruary 21, 2018
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It seems that Spotify is on the way to join the hardware market with recently they’ve posted job listings suggesting that they will be launching a product or two.

Spotify To Come Up With Hardware?

It’s been surfacing over the internet that Spotify has been planning to come up with their own hardware device with apparent job listings posted online. These jobs include Operations Manager, Hardware Product, Project Manager, Hardware Production and Engineering, Product Analyst, Hardware Products, and Senior Project Manager Hardware Production.

There has been speculation on to what hardware they are really going to come up with, possibly a smart speaker, which is gaining popularity. Despite that, many would ponder on where the voice assistant will come from (which Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri provide).

To top that off, Spotify is not the default service of any of them. Except through AirPlay, you can’t use it at all with Apple’s HomePod but what you can do is set it manually as the default on Google Home and Alexa devices.

It is possible that Spotify will be integrating Alexa or Google Assistant by licensing them. It will be quite shocking if they decide to come up with their in-house version considering it will be more expensive and time consuming to catch up with the bigger boys quickly.

Regardless if the company is building a smart speaking or something totally different than that, they are entering a market in which they have no prior experience. The product needs to be very good from the get go or stand out from the rest in order to compete with competitors.

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Pokdepinion: It will be really interesting to see on what they will offer to the table. I wonder what features that they will implement on it. The device coming in to our country is a different question though. 

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